On a typical Saturday morning, you can usually find me hiding under layers of blankets in bed. But once or twice a year, I set my alarm for 6:30 AM and jump out of bed for an event that we call MOH.

Yale’s Multicultural Open House draws crowds of prospective students from around New England to campus. Just as the leaves begin to change color, applicants flood our campus, dine over brunch alongside students in our dining halls , and attend a variety of panels and bazaars. MOH is a celebration of diversity and passion at Yale; whether you’re interested in Spanish spoken word poetry, competitive Bhangra dance, or traditional Korean percussion, there are students at this university with similar interests and passions.

A performance group in a synchronized high-jump.

A dance group performing at the Multicultural Open House.

A dance group called "Rhythmic Blue" performs at the Multicultural Open House.

But MOH dives deeper than the extracurricular extravaganza. Participants had the opportunity to hear the Dean of Admissions and Master of Timothy Dwight College Jeff Brenzel talk about the array of opportunities ahead for all students.

The Dean of Admissions sepaking at the podium.

MOH attendees took tours of our campus, listened to student panelists dispute whose residential college was the best, learned about how Yale makes college affordable for all families, strolled through Yale’s four cultural centers, and interacted with students from all different roads of life. And they only scratched the surface of the place we call home.