Sundays in Sterling

Sterling Memorial Library.
On a typical Sunday afternoon, I am frequently distracted by the exciting week ahead.  Between classes, extracurricular activities, meetings, and dinner dates with friends, it can be difficult to concentrate on my homework!  This Sunday, I had a math problem set on polar coordinates to complete and an English research paper on computers and consumerism in the twenty-first century to write. 
Over the past two months at Yale, I have done my fair share of exploring.  This campus is filled with ornate spaces that are sometimes off the beaten path, but ideal places to study. While I enjoy spending time in my residential college library or at Bass, our two-story underground study space and café, the true mecca of libraries at Yale is Sterling Memorial Library.  At the moment, Sterling is surrounded by the vibrant colors of autumn. 
The exterior of Sterling Memorial Library.
If you think Sterling looks beautiful on the outside, wait until you see what it looks like on the inside!
The interior of Sterling Memorial Memorial Library, with high vaulted ceilings the famous "Alma Mater" mural at the rear.
A quick ride up to floor six and a half and I have made it to my favorite study space.  It is quaint and calm, filled the distinct smell of millions of old books that radiate knowledge from every corner of the stacks. 
 An aisle between two shelves at Sterling Memorial Library.
For some inspiration, I love to peer out the window and check out the gothic oasis that surrounds Sterling. 
The gothic architecture of Trumbull Residential College.
After a completing the problem set and making some progress on my essay, it is dinnertime!  Before heading out to Berkeley College’s dining hall, I snapped a photo of the sun setting on Harkness Tower.
Stay tuned for future explorations!