Fall in New Haven!

A rainy Autumn day on the old campus.

Coming to Yale from Houston, TX, the change of latitude intimidated me. Essentially, I associated everything below 60 degrees Fahrenheit with winter. The weather was definitely a factor that I was on the look out for before coming here.

One morning in early October, I woke up to find that the temperature outside was 49 degrees Fahrenheit. I freaked out a little. Rummaging through my closet, I realized that I had only brought three sweaters with me, thinking at the time that the three sweaters will keep me warm for the whole fall and winter. Silly me.

I had no idea what 49 degrees feels like.

A student with an umbrella trudges through the across the Beinecke Plaza.

Once I stepped outside, I was surprised by a mixture of cold wind and brilliant sunshine. The tall magnificent trees of Old Campus were swaying back and forth, and through the gaps of which I could catch glimpses of the ever-present Harkness Tower. Wrapped in my warm fuzzy scarf, I could not be happier. Later, I went for a run up Science Hill to explore the Divinity School garden that my suitemate has been giving raving reviews about. The leaf-lined path was gorgeous!!

A walking path in the Divinity School Garden, lined with dense foliage.

Fall is everywhere here. The leaves changed overnight. Fall has sneaked into our common room in the form of our leaf collection. It’s in the chaider (combination of chai and apple cider) served at Blue State coffee shop. Fall is apple picking with friends and sweater shopping with suitemates. In fact, Houston seems kind of boring in comparison. Now that I actually own a set of warm coats and feel adequately prepared for winter, I can’t wait for more weather changes and that much talked about creature of the winter, snow.