Your Guide to “The Have”

The "Daily Nutmeg" homepage.

At a student forum last week a prospective student asked my friends Alyssa, Vivian and I what there is to do in New Haven.  We responded with an exuberant and unequivocal “YES, THERE IS SO MUCH TO DO” and went on to describe the numerous art galleries, theaters, and restaurants all within walking distance of Yale just to present a small sense of the recreational activities we can choose from as students in New Haven.  We could feel their minds racing as prospective students tried to picture themselves enjoying a night of delicious frozen yogurt at Flavors on York Street, browsing through the Yale University Art Gallery’s newest exhibit on Chapel Street, or nodding along to the socially conscious lyrics of Kendrick Lamar at Toads Place. 

A few weeks ago, I was walking along Church Street when a young man dressed in cut-off jeans with pale gray toms botas and a matching t-shirt approached me and said, “ Hello Miss—Are you interested in learning about the awesome things happening in New Haven?”  Hesitant that it would be a tornado of e-mails each day, I politely smiled and attempted to say “Thanks, but I’m usually pretty aware of things going on.”  Before I could finish, he held out his sign-up sheet and said, “Subscribe to the Daily Nutmeg!  It’s for people who love New Haven!”  Not entirely sure of what I was signing up for, I put my name down and forgot about it until the next day.  I received my first e-mail that Friday morning summarizing the history of street art in New Haven and a suggested event at the Festival of Arts and Ideas.  The following Monday, I received my weekly calendar of New Haven events, featuring a local concert at Cafe Nine on State Street, a new exhibit at the Art Gallery, and a family night of story-telling and crafts.  Of course, at that moment, I had no idea this would be my go-to resource for things to do after work or on the weekends with friends but The Daily Nutmeg has become so convenient for summer fun and I cannot wait to put it to use during the school year.

One of the things I love about New Haven is its ability to exist as both a large and small city.  In terms of entertainment, New Haven feels so big with its variety of options to enjoy on the evenings and weekends.  The Daily Nutmeg, however, creates a strong community feel by highlighting events that display the diversity of New Haven and consequently pulling people from different corners of town together in one space.  It’s safe to say there is ALWAYS something going on in New Haven, and the handy virtual guide that arrives in my inbox each morning makes exploring the city even more fun!