Senior Bucket List: All the things I had to do before I left Yale/New Haven

Senior year is a year of many lasts, something that becomes more real with each day I get closer to graduation. There are 3 days left before commencement and this last week I’ve been reflecting on all the things I’ve done this year and the last four years at Yale. And even in the last week I have left, there are still things I want to do! So, before I go, I want to share the ongoing bucket list my friends and I had this year, of all the fun things we HAD and HAVE to do before we leave Yale! 

Sunrise at East Rock Park: On the day of the presidential elections, my friends and I woke up at 5 am to catch the sunrise at East Rock. Afterwards we had breakfast at the Pantry and came back to our suite to watch the election results. It was a great day!

Sunset Picnic at Lighthouse Point Beach: Friends, the beach, a beautiful sunset, Popeyes, what more can you ask for?

Lots of Hiking: Sleeping Giant, West Rock, Hubbard Park
Hiking was a great way to walk to/drive to other parts of Greater New Haven this past year. And spending more time outdoors was a great pandemic activity!

Trying Birria Tacos at Long Wharf: I have been wanting to try quesa birria tacos––a cheesy, fried, shredded beef taco––for a really long time and the food trucks at New Haven have amazing ones! I have gone four times and counting this semester, and my favorite truck so far to get these tacos is Ixtapa.

Visit the Divinity School: I had always thought the Divinity School was too far of a walk (it’s really not), but it was nice to finally see it this year!

Become IM Player of the Week at Least Once: I did IMs a few times my first-year, and then never again, until this last year. After a few great games of ladder ball and badminton I got IM player of the week twice! IMs are super fun and a nice way to take a break from work.

Get a Tattoo: This isn’t particular to Yale or New Haven but I really wanted to get a tattoo before graduating college and I found a really awesome tattoo studio in New Haven called Show Off Ink. If you want to get a tattoo while you’re here, check them out!

“Now or Never” in Spanish

Become a New Haven Foodie: I am very pleased to say I am the friend my friends ask for food recommendations…I’ve tried so many restaurants here but I’m sad I didn’t get to try more! I’ll leave that up to when I come back as an alumni!

Meet Handsome Dan(s): My first-year there was a new Handsome Dan and he retired this last year. So in my time here, I got to meet both Handsome Dans and pet them!

Take Public Transportation in NH: Unlike in New York, my home city, I mostly walked and uber’d everywhere in New Haven. I am glad to say, however, that I did take the bus and downtown/Yale shuttle a few times which made me feel in tune with my city roots! I commend anyone who figures out the shuttle system because I still don’t understand it.

Have a Friendsgiving: I wrote a post about this last semester, check it out(:

Try (almost) Every New Haven Style Pizza in NH: Pepe’s, Sally’s, Bar, Modern, 163 Pizza (and even Est Est Est, Brick Oven, Alpha Delta, the local Domino’s and Papa Johns haha). The only pizza I have left to try is Delgena’s (one day, I’ll be back for it).

Visit Wooster Square Farmers Market: Really cute and fun early weekend morning activity! They have a lot of fresh veggies and lots of bread!

Make New Friends every semester: This was a goal I set for myself my first-year at Yale and every semester I have met/or become closer friends with at least (but usually more) one person.

Go Abroad: Although my time abroad was cut short my Junior Fall of 2020, I am glad I got to experience a summer abroad in Spain and about ⅓ of my study abroad experience last year in Brazil. It was nice to get out of Yale for a little bit and see more of the world. 

Pending To-Dos:
2020-2021 in a year
Try Louis Lunch
Get Pan Dulce at Fair Haven
Visit my favorite places one last time
Graduate (: