Welcome to My Crib: Yale Suite Edition

At Yale we live in suites, which have different combinations of single bedrooms, double bedrooms, and a shared common room. It’s sort of apartment style except there are no kitchens, and you might share a bathroom with other suites on your floor. Most first-years live together on Old Campus and move into their residential college as sophomores. I live in Trumbull College.

My first year I lived in a double in Bingham Hall on Old Campus––and quite possibly had the best roommate I could’ve asked for (Abby, you’re the best). We got along and cohabitated so well, and it was so nice to experience first-year with someone who became one of my closest friends. It was also the first time I had to share a room since I was 9 years old! We lived together again sophomore and junior years in Trumbull, along with 4 other friends.

This year, however, housing looks a little different. As a First-Year Counselor (FroCo,) I would normally live on Old Campus in a suite with another Trumbull FroCo. But now the FroCos all live together in Trumbull, where the first-year students are also housed. We spend so much time hanging out together, but sometimes it’s nice to have a space to decompress by myself. That’s where my room comes in.

In a “normal” year, I’m barely in my room during the day. But my room has always been the space for alone time – to journal, call my family, watch Netfllix, and, of course, sleep. This year, my room has also become my classroom, study space, and the place I spend the most time (how the tables have turned). That’s why it was important to make my room cozy but also conducive for studying. I was lucky to get a very spacious “dingle” (originally a double meant for two people, but because of campus safety rules, it’s now a single).

Here are some of the things that bring me joy, and the ways the space has helped me decompress, relax, and – yes – work!

student room
Full view of my room

I like that my desk faces the window because I sit there to do work and class and I can directly face the sunlight and the street view. Although it’s not the best view (Elm Street is nice but pretty loud), I like to open the windows for some white noise whenever it gets too quiet. Generally, I just like that my room has so many windows and natural light. On my desk I have polaroids of my loved ones and my plush bull (#Trumbull). During the day, I always have a snack and water ready/near my desk.

I usually use natural light in my room until nighttime or my desk lamp

I’ve never really been good with planners or Google Calendar to be honest, but I love having to-do lists and I love post-its. This year, I started to make lists on post-its of my big assignments for school/work and put them on the cork boards next to my desk (so I could constantly see them and check them off). I use different colors for class, work, and my thesis. Once a task is completed, I throw the post-its away, which is very satisfying. I also collect postcards from different places I’ve traveled to, so I have some up there to look at during the day too (that way I’m not too stressed by all the tasks I have to complete)!

cork board
 Combo of post-its and photos/post-cards I can look at throughout the day.

To the right of my desk I have a tiny drawer set I’ve dubbed as my “wellness corner”––something I think everyone should create if they can! There I keep my snacks in the grey bin, my diffuser which I love leaving on at night (my latest scent mix: cinnamon and lavender). I also have hand sanitizer, wipes, and tissues. The diffuser helps me feel more relaxed as I do work. And, again, having snacks and my mug (I love taking tea breaks when it’s cold) ready is a must to keep the energy up! Right above this is the “G” my family and friends signed with nice notes before I came to college. 

This is probably the best part of my room: my reading nook. Whenever I get tired of my desk I climb up and do my reading on the windowsill. There’s a comfy plush cushion there (that my former roommate Abby gave to me, she’s the best). Also, my stuffed unicorn sits on the cushion throughout the day. Sometimes I do class here too or FaceTime my family!

And that’s my crib!