Surviving Yale Midterms, Ezra Style

A person dancing, covered above the waist by a painting of Ezra Stiles.

Midterm season in college, much like college application season in high school, can be tough. Between reading Petrarch and physics problem sets, or studying for the SAT and Spanish homework, sometimes a little comic relief is appreciated. Hopefully this blog post will help - here’s a lighthearted video created by the Ezra Stiles Freshman Counselor team (a select group of seniors that live with and advise the freshman in their college) in collaboration with their college Master, Stephen Pitti ’91.

Set to PSY’s “Gangnam Style,” it features the moves of the FroCos, Master Pitti and his family, and notably, a portrait of Ezra Stiles himself, as they horse dance around campus. Hopefully seeing a Yale College professor break it down with a group of 22 year olds (and one giant moose head) puts a smile on your face the way it did for me. 

In the next few weeks, as you finish up your applications, remember to relax and have a little fun from time to time! I’m constantly wowed by (and am grateful for!) the dual nature of this place: Yale is wonderfully intellectual, but we also value not taking things too seriously all of the time.

This midterm season, here’s to keeping it Ezra Style