Yale in the Snow!

The Branford College courtyard blanketed in snow.

I’m snuggled up safe at home in Spokane, WA, where the snowfall is pretty minor right now, but have always loved the snow at school.  I haven’t seen the state of campus in the current massive Snowday engulfing much of New England, but here are some fun pictures of the snow last year, courtesy of Harrison Korn (Saybrook class of 2011) and the Yale Daily News.

A bench in the Saybrook courtyard covered with serval inches of snow.

Saybrook College

Bikes on a rack covered with snow in the Branford College courtyard.
Branford College

Elm street, wet from melted snow.
Elm street

Yale students having a snowball fight during a snowstorm.
Snowball fights!

Finally, the picture you saw in the post preview on the main page is Branford College’s courtyard, once described as “the prettiest courtyard in America” by Mark Twain.