Kilning it… an unexpected new hobby

Pottery studio at Murray

Feeling the lull of junior year, I decided to turn my attention towards exploring the different facilities spaces around campus. Little did I know that I would eventually pick up a new hobby! The first hobby I tried out was pottery at the Pauli Murray Residential College studio. There are a total of five pottery studios situated in the residential colleges, open to all students regardless of college affiliation. However, I chose to go to Pauli Murray studio because I knew the pottery studio student aide who also offers lessons during his office hours for beginners who aren’t familiar with the dynamics of the wheel.

The short trek up Science Hill was worth it after I got to see the studio in all its glory. The studio is fully equipped with wheels, a wedging table, a full selection of glazes, and a kiln. Even though I had no experience with clay in any form, the wonderful studio aide, Aaron, was extremely helpful in guiding me through every step of the process.

Aaron doing pottery wheel
Aaron: master pottist

Here is my journey making my first bowl!

1. First learning how to center the clay

Bowls on wheels
Wheel work

2. Came back after the clay has dried (maybe dried too much due to my neglect) for the trimming

nice round bowls
Thankful for the spray bottles in making nice round bowls

3. Last trip here for the glazing!!! Color experimentation is so fun

mixing glaze liquid
stirring the pot

glazing bowls
covering every surface 

4. Final kiln heating and voila! My first made bowl

Finished glazing
Final product!

5. Here is a pic of it in my common room, storing some snacks :)

Finished product in my common room
Ignore the shriveled oranges