Lunar New Year at Yale

Lunar New Year Decorations for Dinner

Lunar New Year is a time full of festivities and traditions. It’s a time for family, friends, good food, long-awaited reunions… just to name a few. While this is usually a holiday that is celebrated at home with large gatherings of extended family and friends and classic dishes, Yale is also a great place to celebrate Lunar New Year.

On the weekend of Lunar New Year, New Haven’s Taste of China, a popular Szechuan restaurant right across from Old Campus, was packed with Yale students. The restaurant was so festive and energetic that I forgot to take a photo! All the traditional New Year dishes were there, and Lion Dance performers even made an appearance. I was very happy to enjoy my favorite New Year’s dish of fish and dumplings. 

On campus, Yale Hospitality also hosted a Lunar New Year dinner in every dining hall where the amazing dining hall staff recreated some of the most iconic dishes such as Peking duck and dumplings.

Salad bar decorations
Amazing decorations in the dining hall


Fruit basket
Assortment of fruits like oranges, rambutan, and lychee

Peking Duck Sandwiches
Peking duck station!!

Additionally, the Yale-China Association and OISS (Office of International Students & Scholars) hosted Connecticut’s Lunarfest - a public outdoor celebration on Whitney Avenue, just a block away from my residential college. 

Poster promoting the event because I forgot to take pictures…

The most exciting event of all is the Yale’s 2023 Spring Festival Gala hosted by the Association of Chinese Students and Scholars at Yale! This event had performances from students ranging from comedy acts, sing-a-longs, martial arts, and musical performances. It was so interesting to watch undergraduate and graduate students showcase their talents which is a rare opportunity to come by.

Brochure of Yale Spring Gala

Yale’s community is really at its best when celebrating beloved cultural events like Lunar New Year.