Romanticizing the “First Snow”

Snow at Sterling Memorial Library

Winter is now here, which means many students who are not experienced with the Northeast freeze will be in for a treat. With winter comes the large gusts of wind and the start of snow. Winter also means the beginning of the holidays! As a result, residential colleges are filled with winter spirit and cheer to push through the freezing winter. 

To celebrate the season, I want to highlight some fantastic snow scenery around campus and in New Haven.

On the first day of snow, I was camping out in a meeting room of the Good Life Center studying with friends during reading period, which is the week before finals period for studying. And just like that, there it was: the first snow of the season.

Picture of Grove St Cemetery from Schwarzman Center
Snowfall at sunset on Grove Street Cemetery

After walking back from the Schwarzman Center, I ran into more friends in the TD courtyard where there was an impromptu snowball fight! Throughout the courtyard, there were also residential college families’ children building snowmen with the freshly fallen snow.

Snowball fight in TD courtyard
Experienced Wisconsin guy teaching SoCal boy the harsh realities of snowball fights

Children running in the snow in TD Courtyard
Children racing to hit the snowfield

The next day, I went on a walk with my friend to East Rock. Having lived in Long Beach his whole life, this was his first experience living with snow. As we walked down the streets, he learned the real dangers of day-after snow… frozen sidewalks! After avoiding an almost slip, we got to East Rock and walked along the river, taking in the white-tipped trees and enjoying the sound of chirping birds.

Icy streets in New Haven neighborhood
Icy sidewalks along the neighborhoods of East Rock

Snow on stream near East Rock
River at East Rock