Now That’s Tea!

After two years of closure because of COVID-19, Timothy Dwight’s House of College (known as TD House) is back open to students as a community center but also an event space where the college sponsors guests and hosts events. Every residential college has one, but because of my own experience (and TD spirit), I will focus on the best house. Of these events is the notorious College Tea where my Head of College (HoC Mary Lui AKA HL) invites special guests, not always Yale or TD affiliated, to speak about their careers, experiences, or projects. 

Head of College House
Gorgeous TD House at the end of the courtyard

My first in-person tea was with a TD alum, April Koh, where we heard about her experiences creating her start-up and getting advice on entrepreneurship and how to make the most out of our Yale experience. More importantly, we got to hear about all the possibilities as a Yale alumni (and also TD). While listening to her interview with HL, we got to eat delicious themed foods carefully selected by our amazing head of college. This time it was dumplings, dim sum, and boba. Following the tea about her years after college, a few lucky TDers (me included) got to eat dinner with her in the Thompson room of TD while having casual and more in-depth conversation learning about her life while she connected with us in a more intimate setting.

Dinner in Thompson Room with April Koh
Dining hall dinner instantly upgraded because of great company

College Teas serve as a wonderful study break. I can think of nothing better than meeting an amazing guest with an inspiring story in an amazing setting, with the added perk of amazing food.