Bulldogs’ Blogs: #Campus Life

East Rock glowing in the sunset.
Posted by Anonymous on 03.20.2011
Posted by Joshua on 03.09.2011
Posted by Shamillah on 02.18.2011
Pine needles beneath a thick layer of ice.
Posted by Anonymous on 02.02.2011
Sterling Memorial Library with a coat of snow.
Posted by Shamillah on 01.25.2011
A scene from the Studio Ghibli film "Nausicaä of the Valley of the Wind".
Posted by Anonymous on 01.24.2011
Posted by Mikaela on 01.21.2011
A statue on campus, unrecognizable beneath a thick covering of snow.
Posted by Mikaela on 01.20.2011
Posted by Joshua on 01.19.2011
Posted by Anonymous on 01.14.2011