My Best Friend is a Star

band on stage

This is a Public Service Announcement: my best friend and former roommate Catherine Cerise is a legendary star. This just in: Catherine, one of the most talented singer-songwriters and viola players I know of, is now a part of Whim ‘n Rhythm Class of 2021, an all women a capella singing group that represents the best of the senior class. In other words, they’re a big deal, maybe even bigger than the deals at Best Buy on Black Friday.

Catherine singing
Catherine rocking out at the House of Blues.

Whim N Rhythm class of 2021
The Whimen of 2021!

That’s right, ladies and gentlemen, I am now, by proxy, Yale royalty. I understand that many other people will now step forward to claim they knew Catherine before she was famous, but I have been her #1 fan from the start of our Yale careers. I was intrigued by this girl the moment we received our roommate assignments. Turns out, we were the perfect match in terms of lifestyles. Our roomie relationship quickly blossomed into the truest kind of friendship—chatting until 3am about our dreams and aspirations, holding philosophical debates about the role of artists in society, highly intellectual talks about Chris Evans’ biceps, and exclusive readings of her middle school Patrick Swayze fan fiction. We berated each other for going to sleep at inane hours, we wrote little encouragement notes to each other like kindergarteners, and we occasionally even hit the gym together, trying not to feel out of place among all the fitness bros.

Cassandra and Catherine
Our suitemate Sabrina, me, and Catherine before our first year formal.

swamp tour
Catherine and I in her hometown of New Orleans taking a SWAMP TOUR!

I believe we were destined for each other. I have a tattoo of cherries on my ankle, and Catherine’s last name means cherry. We’ve seen each other at our best and our worst. I’ve even visited her hometown of New Orleans, Louisiana over spring break, getting to meet her family and the local swamp alligators. We’ve cheered till our voices were hoarse at each other’s shows–Catherine supporting all of my dance and theatrical endeavors, me being her biggest stan at her acapella concerts. Indeed, she’s been active in Yale’s expansive music scene since day one, getting tapped to be a part of Yale’s Premier American Folk singing group Tangled Up in Blue. Though none of us remotely understand the inner workings of Premier American Folk singing group, that doesn’t stop our entire suite from attempting to embarrass Catherine by shrieking every time she takes the mic or whips out her viola at her TUIB concerts.

TUIB in New Orleans
TUIB on tour in New Orleans!

TUIB on tour
TUIB before an outdoors concert, true folk style!

TBT to when Catherine was a Tuiblet, or a first-year baby TUIB member!

At the end of this semester, you can bet that I’ll be the first in line to see her make her debut as a Whim. At the end of our senior year, Catherine and the Whims will embark on a world tour for eight weeks, hitting nearly every continent. And though I can’t be a groupie and pack myself into Catherine’s suitcase, she knows I’ll always be there in spirit, screaming, “MY BEST FRIEND IS A STAR!” at every concert.

suite picture
Our first year suite!

Catherine being a casual star as she gazes at her fans gathered outside her window.