Finding Community in Computer Science at Yale (WGiCS)

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Like many people taking lecture classes, it can be hard finding a community and connect with others. Fortunately, during the spring of my freshmen year, I stumbled upon WGiCS (Women and Gender Minorities in Computer Science), a club that focuses on building a community for women and gender minorities in computer science.

After joining the club, I was welcomed into a lively community of like-minded peers who are interested in computer science. From their weekly newsletters, fun social and pre-professional events, speaker series, and more, WGiCS guided me through the ins and outs of computer science at Yale which allowed me to make new connections and find interesting classes. Through the WGiCS Computer Science survival guide at Yale, which includes everything from course recommendations to career advice, I was able to learn so much more about CS at Yale than I could imagine.

As a community-oriented group at Yale, WGiCS does a great job of organizing a variety of fun and stress-relieving events. From their Galentines Day celebration, Friendsgiving, and self-care events to their outings in New Haven including Wooster Square, East Rock, and more, WGiCS events are a great way to meet and bond with other students in CS while taking a break from my problem sets. Besides the social aspects of WGiCS, WGiCS is also great for helping students succeed in CS courses at Yale and beyond.

study breakWooster Square
Some fun social events in WGiCS!

One of WGiCS’s focuses is to encourage students to explore computer science courses and retain students in the major. From the WGiCS GroupMe (probably of the most active and wholesome GroupMe chats at Yale), members can form study groups, find summer housing, internship opportunities, course recommendations and advice, and more. Because WGiCS is a relatively small group, it is easy to form close connections, especially through the course-specific study groups (I have met some of my closest friends at Yale through these study groups). Members can also sign up for Lunch tags, where members are randomly paired for a meal, which helps members get to know each other and build relationships.

professor speaker series
Talk with Professor Abhishek (Facul-teas)

course registration help
Course selection + buttery food :D

Besides academics and community building, WGiCS is also a pre-professional club. They organize workshops and CS panels, bring in speakers to campus, organize lunches with professors, sponsor trips to conferences, liaise with the CS department and alumni, and offer mentorship opportunities. This combination of social and scholastic activities helps members grow personally and professionally, fostering a welcoming, supportive, and inclusive environment for students to succeed.

Women and Gender Minorities in Computer Science is an invaluable resource for anyone interested in CS at Yale. Whether you are looking for social events, career advice, or just a community of like-minded people, WGiCS has something to offer anyone.

If you made it this far, feel free to follow the WGiCS Instagram and stay tuned for our Bulldog Days event!