The Annual Fall Fest

Fall Fest with Friends

Every year, right before October break, undergraduates at Yale gather in Old Campus to celebrate Fall Fest. From its culturally inspired food stations, traditional carnival games, pumpkin decorating, and photo-worthy props, Fall Fest is one of my favorite Yale traditions. Besides giving me an excuse to take a break from studying for my midterms, Fall Fest is a great way to meet up with friends and create lasting memories on Old Campus.

After taking time to admire the ambiance in Old Campus from the live band, crowds of students participating in carnival events, and the plethora of photo-worthy attractions, I make it my obligation to try all the different food options available. During Fall Fest, Residential college dining hall teams work to prepare fried rice, hearty chowders, hot chocolate and churros, apple crisp a la mode, and more.

Sabich stallfresh juice standNew England classic soupsfresh fried rice
Some of the delicious food options!

Although I am not a competitive person, I highly enjoy participating in the carnival games. From a basketball shooting game, water gun booth, and high striker, I love seeing the undergraduate community come together to play and win prizes. Fall Fest also has an animal balloon making and face-painting station. The long line was worth it for my new animal balloon Elmo.

Clara playing basketballAnimal balloon Elmolive band
Clara’s Fall Fest haul: a star plushie and Elmo + this year’s live band!

Lastly, I love the traditional Fall activities available for students during Fall Fest. Even though I am not a fan of the earlier sunsets and cooler weather that come with the Fall, I have a soft spot for Fall activities like pumpkin decorating and apple. I also love the many photo-shoot worthy attractions at Fall Fest, including the iconic tractor, stacks of hay bales, piles of assorted apples, and the pumpkin patch.

Even though I will have to wait another year for Fall Fest and its celebration of Fall, fun, and food, I am glad to have photos to remember the festival. Until then, I will cherish my memories at Fall Fest, brace myself for the approaching cooler weather, and look forward to Spring Fling, another festival that takes place on Old Campus.

kissing booth
A+ for effort!