Bulldog Days 2022

The information below is intended for current Yale students. If you are an admitted student, please the Bulldog Days Registration Page on your Status Portal for the most up-to-date information. 

We are so excited to announce that the admissions office has received approval from the University’s public health leadership to move ahead with planning for Bulldog Days (April 25-27). For months, our team has planned significant modifications to our programming to ensure the health and safety of visiting students and Yale community members.

The past two and a half years have been hard for all of us. There have been many changes to reckon with, one of them being that we’ve sadly been unable to host our in-person Bulldog Days program, something that is often a highlight of the year for the entire Yale community.

The admissions office staff take great joy in working with current students, faculty, and staff to welcome each new class to campus in April and our hope is to bring back the joy and excitement of Bulldog Days with this year’s return! We expect over 1,000 admitted students will join us on campus. They will have just received the best news of their lives and they’ll have 48 hours to get a taste of life at Yale. This is our chance to show off everything that makes Yale great, revitalize some more campus traditions, and reignite the Yale spark we all know and love. We need your help!

As with previous Bulldog Days, we need current students to host prefrosh, plan activities and events, and participate in the Extracurricular Bazaar. Time and time again, we hear from prefrosh that the reason they chose Yale is because of how welcoming current Yalies are, especially during Bulldog Days. We hope you’ll join us in bringing back this year’s event! 

Host Prefrosh

Our admitted students need a place to sleep one or two nights: Monday, April 25th and Tuesday, April 26th. They will be told to bring a sleeping bag, so all you need is some space on your couch or floor. You and your suitemates may be the reason a student chooses Yale! 

Sign up now to host. Every member of your suite may sign up to individually host, but be sure to coordinate with each other so you don’t sign up for more prefrosh than your suite can handle. If you are already planning to host a prefrosh you know, do not include him/her in the number you sign up for here.

Unlike in previous years, we have instituted strict hosting capacity restrictions in order to ensure the safety of our community. You can find those details on the sign-up form.

Publicize Your Group’s Activities and Events

Late-April might feel distant, but if your group would like to host an event during Bulldog Days, you should start planning now. The deadline to be included in Bulldog Days programming is Monday, March 28th.

Bulldog Days begins at 2:00 PM on Monday, April 25th and ends at 2:00 PM on Wednesday, April 27th. Some times are better than others for student events and late-night events are always preferred! 

Apply for Late-Night Event Funding

Publicize your group’s Bulldog Days activities and events here. The Admissions Office will be offering up to $200 to extracurricular groups to sponsor on-campus late night events that take place between 10:30 PM and 1:00 AM on Monday or Tuesday nights. All late night events submitted in this time window by the deadline will be considered for funding.

If your event isn’t picked for funding, it will still be publicized (unless you ask otherwise). To qualify for funding, you must post an event that runs from 10:30 PM to 1:00 AM. 

We recommend, when possible, to host events outdoors and without food. However, this guidance is dependant on the campus Covid-19 climate in late April and may change. You will receive more guidance closer to Bulldog Days. 

Extracurricular Bazaar

Sign up your group to participate in the Extracurricular Bazaar. This year’s Extracurricular Bazaar will be Tuesday, April 26th from 1:30 PM - 3:30 PM on Old Campus underneath a large tent. All registered organizations are welcome to staff a table. It will likely be chilly in late April, so we recommend dressing warmly! We also recommend staffing your table with fewer than 3 people at any given time in order to maintain a safe, less dense environment. We have a limited amount of space, so sign up now.

Thanks for helping us show our admitted students all that Yale has to offer - we can’t do it without you! Again, our priority is planning a Bulldog Days that prioritizes the health and safety of our community members and we’re excited to work with the entire community to make this happen!

Bulldog Days FAQs

Bulldog Days is one of the biggest events for our campus, designed to showcase the many facets of the undergraduate experience for our admitted students. It is often the highlight of the year for many in the Yale community, and the admissions office staff take great joy in working with current students, faculty, and staff to welcome each new class to campus in April. The past two years, we’ve been unable to host our in-person Bulldog Days event and our hope is to bring back the joy and excitement of Bulldog Days with this year’s return. The help and participation of our entire community is essential to a successful event and we hope you will share in our excitement as we re-imagine and re-institute this signature program! 

Our priority is planning an event that will prioritize the health and safety of our community members. We know you may have many questions about this year’s program. Below, you will find an FAQ that addresses some of the questions and concerns we anticipate will come up as we move forward with planning. 

Who is invited to Bulldog Days?

We will only be inviting admitted students to Bulldog Days; parents, guardians and family members will not be allowed to attend. 

Will vaccinations be required of admitted students?

Yes, all admitted students who wish to visit for Bulldog Days must be up to date with their COVID-19 vaccinations, including any booster dose(s) when eligible. Admitted students must also sign a vaccination attestation form and submit proof of vaccination. No medical or religious exemptions will be made for Bulldog Days. Social distancing and Yale mask requirements will be in effect and enforced throughout the event.

Will there be Covid-19 testing for admitted students?

Yes, all admitted students traveling to Yale for Bulldog Days will be required to complete pre-arrival testing within 24 hours of arrival to campus and arrival testing when they arrive on campus before being allowed to leave registration and attend any Bulldog Days events. 

Any student whose pre-arrival testing results are inconclusive or positive will be instructed to stay home and not travel to campus. 

Any student who tests positive during arrival testing will be escorted to on-campus isolation housing until the student’s family or emergency contact retrieves them via private transportation or the student has completed 5 days of isolation followed by a negative test. 

What if an admitted student begins feeling sick while at Bulldog Days?

If an admitted student begins feeling sick during Bulldog Days and after arrival testing, they should immediately go to the registration tent and re-test. If they test positive, they will immediately be escorted to isolation housing. 

If that student is being hosted, the host will be notified and Bulldog Days staff will work with the host to retrieve the student’s belongings. 

Where will admitted students be eating?

We are currently coordinating with Yale Hospitality to host meals outdoors on Old Campus under a tent for the majority of Bulldog Days. We are also in contact with Yale Hospitality regarding dining hall capacities and the possibility of coordinating some indoor residential college dining solely for admitted students. These conversations are ongoing and a final decision will be made closer to the event.There are no current plans to have visiting students join current students in the dining halls. 

How will housing work for admitted students? 

Hosting admitted students is one of the most important aspects of Bulldog Days; we rely on current Yalies to welcome admitted students into their suites overnight to show them the authentic Yale living experience! 

As in the past, we anticipate the majority of admitted students will be staying on-campus with current student hosts. However, we are limiting the number of admitted students a current student can host, as well as limiting the maximum number of admitted students per suite.

Admitted students are instructed to bring sleeping bags and any necessary toiletries, etc. for an overnight stay. Hosts’ only responsibility is providing a welcoming space and somewhere for their sleeping bags!

If you or your friends would like to host admitted students for Bulldog Days, please fill out the hosting form. For any questions related to hosting, please email chandler.houldin@yale.edu

What is expected of me if I am hosting an admitted student or students?

A hosts’ only responsibility is providing a welcoming space for their admitted students and space for a sleeping bag for them to sleep! 

Some hosts spend a lot of time with their admitted student(s) while others take a more hands-off approach. It’s completely up to you and your admitted student!  We recommend having a short conversation about their expectations. It is also completely acceptable to let them know you have responsibilities throughout the day that will prohibit you from spending time with them but that you hope they will enjoy all of the Bulldog Days festivities!

All admitted students are required to abide by current campus rules and regulations. It is important to note that admitted students are underage and this may be the first time they have been on their own. Please keep this in mind when interacting with them while they are on campus. Bulldog Days is a dry event. Serving alcohol to admitted students is against the law and a host can be held liable if their prefrosh is intoxicated.

If you would like to host an admitted student, please fill out the hosting form. 

If I am hosting a student and begin to feel sick during Bulldog Days, what should I do? 

If you begin to feel sick while hosting an admitted student, please call (203) 432-9103 and contact chandler.houldin@yale.edu immediately. The admissions office will re-assign that student and any other students in your suite to new hosts and notify all parties. Either the admitted student(s) or a member of the admissions staff will retrieve their belongings from your suite. 

Can Yale community members attend Bulldog Days events? 

Because of current on-campus safety requirements, we cannot accommodate any additional attendees at any Bulldog Days events. Only presenters, admitted students, and those staffing the event will be allowed.

Admitted students will also be required to pre-register for individual events to make sure we do not exceed any space capacity restrictions. The admissions team will be ensuring no event exceeds capacity limits. 

Signage will be posted the week prior to Bulldog Days and throughout the event to indicate what spaces are being used and when they will be unavailable to the broader Yale community. 

Will there be student group events?

Absolutely! Getting to spend time with current Yalies is one of the main reasons that admitted students end up choosing Yale as their home for the next four years. 

As in the past, we hope current Yalies will host student group events on both evenings of the program. If your group would like to host an event during Bulldog Days, please fill out the student group event form

We also hope many student groups will be able to participate in the extracurricular bazaar. If your student group would like to participate in the extracurricular bazaar, please fill out the extracurricular bazaar form. No walk-ins will be permitted at the bazaar in order to make sure the event does not exceed capacity. 

If you have any questions about student group events or the extracurricular bazaar, please email anna.smist@yale.edu

Are there any contingency plans in place in case the state of the pandemic worsens closer to the event? 

All Bulldog Days planning is provisional. We recognize the current health situation is ever-evolving and may require us to pivot to virtual programming at a moment’s notice. The admissions office has a contingency plan in place if we need to move in this direction at any point.

If you have any further questions not addressed here, you can reach the Admissions Office at bulldog@yale.edu