Yale-NUS College

“By purposefully bringing together the new and old, east and west, the sciences and the humanities, tradition and innovation, Yale-NUS will give you the preparation needed for the globalization that will define the world of tomorrow’s graduates”

Charles Bailyn, Dean of Faculty, Yale-NUS College and Professor of Astronomy and Physics, Yale University

Throughout its 300-year history, Yale graduates have founded many of the world’s most respected colleges and universities—Princeton, Dartmouth, Williams, Cornell and Johns Hopkins, among dozens of others. But Yale itself has never chosen to launch another college.

Until now. 

In 2009, Yale University and the National University of Singapore announced a collaborative partnership to create a new four-year liberal arts college in Singapore, the English-speaking economic heart of Southeast Asia. Yale-NUS is not an overseas campus for Yale students; in August of 2013, Yale-NUS enrolled its pioneer class of 155 freshmen to study with dedicated Yale-NUS professors on its own brand-new campus nestled within one of Asia’s strongest universities. As American universities internationalize, and as Asia continues to develop its global political and economic presence, Yale is proud to be the first Ivy League school to establish a new college bearing its name outside of the United States.

Yale-NUS College draws heavily on the influences of its founding partners, and Yale’s liberal arts tradition will shape the academic culture and curriculum. The Yale-NUS Common Curriculum, taken by all students, spans the central knowledge of the Eastern and Western traditions. It is  no longer sufficient to read only the great works of the West – a global, 21st century career and life requires intercultural communication. Reading Confucius and the Bhagavad Gita alongside Aristotle and Shakespeare, as well as engaging in broad yet rigorous science and social science coursework and research, will train you to think within and between cultures and disciplines to solve complex problems, which is an essential, if not the essential, 21st century professional skill.

Students and faculty live together in updated versions of the residential colleges that have housed Yale students for nearly a century.  With world-class professors, dynamic peers from around the world, and a bold new curriculum, living and learning at Yale-NUS will prepare and inspire students to lead and shape our world.