Tours and Information Sessions

On-Campus Interviews

Come visit! We encourage you to tour Yale any time. Registration is optional, but it will help us estimate the number of visitors to expect each day.

You're welcome to join as many of our admissions events as you like. If your plans change, there’s no need to call our office to cancel. We’ll just hope you can make it another time!

Please refer to Admissions Office Closings for a list of University holidays. Our office is closed on these dates and there will be no tours or information sessions.

Information Sessions

We offer informal group information sessions for prospective applicants and their families, led by an admissions officer or senior student intern. If you have questions about academic programs, undergraduate life, the application process, or financial aid, you might want to make time for an information session. Information sessions for prospective applicants start at the Office of Undergraduate Admissions at 38 Hillhouse Avenue, and last approximately 60-75 minutes. During busy times, we relocate our information sessions to a larger venue nearby. If this happens during your visit, a representative will escort visitors to the new venue before the session begins. Tour & Information Session Schedule

Campus Tours

Many visitors enjoy taking a student-led campus tour. Tours for prospective applicants start at the Office of Undergraduate Admissions at 38 Hillhouse Avenue, last approximately 75 minutes, and end on the Old Campus. If you are interested, please consult the Tour & Information Session Schedule at the bottom of the page.

Please note that the Yale Mead Visitor Center also provides campus tours that are geared toward a broad audience of visitors rather than a prospective student audience. If you cannot attend one of the campus tours scheduled to leave the Office of Undergraduate Admissions, we strongly encourage you to attend a Visitor Center Tour, which leave from 149 Elm St. The Visitor Center tours are led by the same Yale student tour guides and cover very similar ground to the Admissions tours, though the routes are reversed. The Visitor Center schedule can be found on their website.

**During the month of January, campus tours will depart from the Mead Visitor Center only.

Sciences at Yale Tour

We offer a special student-led tour that focuses on our science facilities. The tours usually include the classrooms and laboratories of a wide variety of departments such as astronomy and astrophysics; chemistry; ecology and evolutionary biology; molecular biophysics and biochemistry; molecular, cellular, and developmental biology; geology and geophysics; and physics. You’ll learn about cutting-edge research, special science programs, and pre-medical requirements. The Sciences at Yale Tour lasts about 60 minutes and begins and ends at the Office of Undergraduate Admissions at 38 Hillhouse Avenue. Tour & Information Session Schedule

Engineering Tour

We’ve designed a special student-led Engineering Tour specifically for students and parents eager to explore Yale’s engineering programs, facilities, and laboratories. Our tour guides are engineering majors who are happy to talk with you about engineering departments, course requirements, undergraduate research, and the reasons they chose to study engineering at Yale. The Engineering Tour lasts about 60 minutes and begins at the Office of Undergraduate Admissions at 38 Hillhouse Avenue. We also encourage our guests to check out the new School of Engineering and Applied Science website. Tour & Information Session Schedule

Student Forum, A Students-Only Question and Answer Session

The Office of Undergraduate Admissions hosts a series of Student Forums. These informal, non-evaluative sessions allow visiting students (no parents!) to meet in a small group with current Yale students (no admissions officers!) to talk about life at Yale. Student forums are held at the Office of Undergraduate admissions located at 38 Hillhouse Avenue. Tour & Information Session Schedule

Group Visits (Confirmed Reservations Required)

A confirmed reservation is required for groups of 10 or more visitors. Requests must be made at least 14 days before your intended visit using the link below.

Group Visit Request Form

After we receive your request, our group visit coordinator will be in touch to confirm whether or not we are able to accommodate your request. If approved, we will contact you to confirm your group’s itinerary and to finalize the details of your visit.

Please note the following important items:

  • We cannot guarantee that we will be able to accommodate all group requests. For each request, we will consider the date and time requested, the size and nature of your group, and the purpose of your visit. Due to the constraints of the Yale College Academic Calendar, several dates are not available for group visits. See the registration form for more details.
  • Please note that group tours and information sessions are typically only offered at one of our regularly scheduled tour and information session times.
  • If you are working with a for-profit organization, please coordinate your visit through the Yale Visitor Center.
  • All tours and information sessions conducted through the Office of Admissions are presented in English, and we are unable to provide translators. 
  • We are unable to provide on-campus meals as part of the group visit experience. Visitors are welcome to eat in Yale Dining Halls at guest rates when dining halls are open, or try one of our many local New Haven restaurants.
  • Please plan to arrive at least 15 minutes prior to your confirmed event.  

Virtual Tour - Online

While we hope you are able to visit campus, we also hope you'll enjoy our online Virtual Tour. With just a few clicks you will be whisked away to Yale’s residential colleges, science laboratories, dining halls, libraries, and lots more. Yale students will guide you through each of the tour stops. Choose from four unique tour experiences: Campus, Science, Residential Colleges, and Athletics. At each stop you can select stunning 360° panoramic views and pictures of the spaces that make Yale special. (Hint: there’s a hidden gem on the ceiling of Woolsey Hall!) 

Even if you have already been to Yale’s campus, we bet you’ll find something new – like the Yale Daily News Building, The Yale Golf Course, or The Peabody Museum of Natural History. And if you’ve never been to New Haven, this is a great way to see Yale without leaving home.

Monthly Schedule:

If you visit during the summer or during school vacation, please be aware that we often have large crowds visiting us at the same time. We encourage you to arrive early, and plan to reserve plenty of time for parking and moving about the campus.


Information Sessions

75 min

Campus Tours

 75 min

Science    Tours

60 min

Engineering Tours

60 min

Student Forums

60 min

July* M-F 11:00a & 2:00p (60 min) M-F 9:00a, 12:30p & 3:30p M-F 4:00p M-F 4:00p

M-F 12:30p

August* M-F 11:00a & 2:00p (60 min) M-F 9:00a, 12:30p & 3:30p M-F 4:00p (ends Aug. 7) M-F 4:00p (ends Aug. 7)

M-F 12:30p (ends Aug. 7)


M-F 9:00a

starting Sept. 12: Saturday, 10:00a

Sept. 14 only, additional session at 1:00p

M-F 10:30a

starting Sept. 12: Saturday, 11:30a

Sept. 14 only, additional tour at 2:30p

starting Sept. 14: M-F 4:00p

starting Sept. 12: Saturday, 11:45a

starting Sept. 14: M-F 2:30p

starting Sept. 12: Saturday, 11:45a
starting Sept. 12: Saturdays only, 9:15a

M-F 9:00a

Sat. 10:00a

Oct. 12 only, additional session at 1:00p

M-F 10:30a

Sat. 11:30a

Oct. 12 only, additional tour at 2:30p

M-F 4:00p

Sat. 11:45a


M-F 2:30p

Sat. 11:45a

Saturdays only, 9:15a

M-F 9:00a

Sat. 10:00a (ends Nov. 14)

 M-F 10:30a

Sat. 11:30a (ends Nov. 14)

M-F 4:00p (N/A Nov. 25-27)

Sat. 11:45a (ends Nov. 14) 

M-F 2:30p (N/A Nov. 25-27)

Sat. 11:45a (ends Nov. 14)

Saturdays only, 9:15a, (ends Nov. 14)

M-F 9:00a (ends Dec. 23)

 M-F 10:30a** M-F 4:00p (Dec. 1-4 only) M-F 2:30p (Dec. 1-4 only)  N/A

M-F 9:00a

M-F 10:30a**(departing from Visitor Center only) M-F 4:00p (starts Jan. 11) M-F 2:45p (starts Jan. 11) N/A

M-F 9:00a & 1:00p

M-F 10:30a & 2:30p M-F 4:00p M-F 2:45p N/A

M-F 9:00a & 1:00p

M-F 10:30a & 2:30p M-F 4:00p (N/A March 9-20) M-F 2:45p (N/A March 9-20) M-F 12:00p (N/A March 9-20)

M-F 9:00a & 1:00p

M-F 10:30a & 2:30p M-F 4:00p (ends April 24) M-F 2:45p (ends April 24) M-F 12:00p (ends April 17)

M-F 9:00a

M-F 10:30a N/A N/A N/A

M-F 11:00a & 2:00p (60 min)

M-F 9:00a, 12:30p & 3:30p M-F 4:00p M-F 4:00p M-F 12:30p

*In June, July and through most of August (1-21), all tours will depart from Sheffield Sterling Strathcona Hall (SSS 114) located at the corner of Grove and Prospect Streets (1 Prospect St). Information sessions will be held at SSS 114 as well. Student forums and interviews will take place at Undergraduate Admissions (38 Hillhouse Ave). Upon arrival on campus, please proceed directly to the location of your first event. Unlike some colleges and universities, we do not track communications with our office or campus visits. There is no check-in needed at any of the locations.All information sessions, tours, and student forums begin at Undergraduate Admissions, located at 38 Hillhouse Avenue, New Haven, CT unless otherwise noted.

**During mid-December and the month of January, campus tours will depart from the Visitor Center, 149 Elm St.