Standardized Testing

Yale evaluates each applicant as an individual. Standardized test scores are just one of the many factors Yale considers when reviewing applications.

Required Testing:

The SAT or the ACT with Writing is required for admission. For SATs taken in March 2016 or later, the additional essay is required. Applicants to the Yale Classes of 2021 and 2022 may submit either the old or the new SAT.

Yale does not participate in Score Choice for the reporting of SAT or ACT scores. You should report all scores you have received on whichever test you choose to submit.  If you submit both the SAT and ACT to Yale, you should submit all scores received on both tests. The Yale-specific questions associated with the Common Application provide the space to list test results not reported on the Common Application itself.

The last possible test dates are:

Single-Choice Early Action

Regular Decision

for SAT



for ACT






A Note about the New SAT:

A redesigned SAT was given for the first time in March 2016. For freshman applicants to the Yale Classes of 2021 and 2022, we will accept either the old SAT or the new SAT and will require the essay portion on the new SAT. Applicants to the Yale Class of 2023 or later will be required to submit the new SAT with essay.

Applicants to the Class of 2021 and 2022

Old SAT or ACT with Writing or New SAT with Essay


SAT Subject Tests


Applicants to the Class of 2023

New SAT with Essay or ACT with Writing


SAT Subject Tests


Additional Information:
  • You do not need to report test results you have achieved prior to high school.
  • In the Testing section of the Common Application you are given the option of self-reporting test results. The application provides space for you to list only your best score or sub-score for each test type. You should list any remaining SAT, ACT, SAT Subject Test, AP, or IB scores in the Testing section of Yale’s Common Application ‘member page’.
  • Superscoring: When assessing SAT results, we will focus on your highest individual old or new scores from all test dates. For example, if you took the old SAT twice, we will look at your highest Critical Reading, Math and Writing scores individually. If you took the new SAT twice, we will look at your highest Evidence-Based Reading and Writing, Math and Essay scores individually. If you took both types of SAT, we will treat them separately and review the best scores on each test.  When assessing ACT results, we will focus on your highest ACT Composite and highest Writing score from all test dates. We will also consider individual subscores on the ACT.
  • For more information about Yale’s policy on standardized testing, please visit the Frequently Asked Questions - Standardized Testing page.
Reporting Scores

Scores must be reported officially to Yale directly from the appropriate test agency. If you are using the last possible test date for an exam, we recommend asking either on or in advance of the test date that the testing agency send your results to Yale so that we receive them as soon as they are available.

Please plan ahead. You do not need to wait to take the tests on the very last eligible date. Whenever you plan to take the tests, register well in advance to secure a spot at your preferred testing location. You should list Yale as a score recipient so that we receive your scores as soon as they become available. Yale’s CEEB code for the SAT is 3987; the ACT code is 0618.

Recommended Testing:
  • SAT Subject Tests are recommended but not required. Applicants who do not take SAT Subject Tests will not be disadvantaged in the application process. We will consider your application on the basis of the other testing, and all the other information, that we receive with your application. You may wish to consider whether there are particular areas of academic strength you would like to demonstrate to the Admissions Committee. Subject Tests can be one way to convey that strength. 
  • Yale does participate in Score Choice for the reporting of SAT Subject Tests. You may wait to receive your score results before deciding which scores, if any, you would like to send to Yale. Please keep our deadlines in mind, however, as you consider that option. If you are applying Early Action to Yale and are taking Subject Tests on the November test date, we do not recommend using Score Choice. For November results to be considered by the admissions committee we need to receive them as soon as they are available.  If you are submitting all of your ACT with writing results, you may send whatever SAT Subject Tests you like and you are not required to submit any SAT scores..
  • AP examination scores are recommended but not required. If you have Advanced Placement (AP) scores, we recommend that you self-report them in the space provided on the Testing page of the Common Application.
Testing for Non-Native English Speakers:

Students at Yale must be able to express themselves fluently in spoken and written American English.  If you are not a native English speaker and you have not received at least two years of secondary education in an English-medium curriculum, Yale strongly recommends that you take any one of the tests for non-native English speakers listed below.