Frequently Asked Questions - Standardized Testing

If you have taken part in external examinations such as the AMC, AIME, or academic Olympiads, please self-report your scores either in the Activities section of your Common Application or in the Additional Information section (found within the Writing section of the Common Application).

You must report the scores of all of the SATs and SAT Subject Tests or all of the ACTs and ACT Writing Tests that you’ve taken. If you choose to fulfill the requirement with SAT scores, then it’s not necessary to send any scores from the ACT, even if you’ve taken the ACT. If you choose to fulfill the requirement using the ACT, then you don’t need to send us any SAT scores unless you wish to do so. Whichever type of test you choose, you must report all your scores from every time you’ve taken that type of test. And if you choose to use a combination of SAT and ACT test results, you must report all scores from both agencies.

To report your scores, please ask the College Board or the ACT to send your official test results directly to Yale.

If you receive new test results after you submit your application, contact the College Board or ACT and request that they send an updated report of any unsubmitted scores to Yale.

An applicant’s testing history provides useful contextual information to the admissions committee. With a full testing history, the committee is able to look at a student's highest officially reported score on each section of the SAT, the highest individual SAT Subject Tests, and/or the highest ACT Plus Writing composite score.

Yes. As long as you provide a complete set of score reports from one testing agency (either the College Board or  ACT, Inc.), you are not required to report scores from both. You can choose to report either all of your SAT results (both SAT and SAT Subject Tests) or all of your ACT results. If you want us to have any scores from both the College Board and ACT, Inc., you must report all scores from both testing agencies.

Follow the instructions in the testing section of the Common Application, which asks you to report some, but not all, of your scores. Then, have the College Board and/or ACT send Yale a complete set of your official scores.

No. You may self-report AP or IB scores in the spaces provided on the Common Application. Only students who ultimately enroll at Yale and choose to apply for acceleration credit will need to submit an official score report.

Yale awards ‘acceleration credit’ to students for scores of 4 or 5 on most — but not all — of the AP exams; for scores of 6 or 7 on the Higher-level IB exams; and for A-level results of A or B. Acceleration credit may offer some students the option to graduate in fewer than eight terms. For further details see Yale College acceleration policies or the table of acceleration credit.

It is up to you and your high school whether you take the AP test. At Yale, AP credit can sometimes be used for placement purposes and/or for acceleration credit. Also, some high schools require students to take the AP exam to receive class credit.