Sharing Your Yale Application with Yale-NUS

I am applying to Yale-NUS by sharing my Yale application with the College. How can I indicate which Yale-NUS Round of Admissions I am applying in?

Yale-NUS will consider you in Round 1 if you submit your application to Yale on or before November 1, 2013.  If you submit your application between November 2, 2013 – December 31, 2013, Yale-NUS will consider you in Round 2. If this timing is not ideal for you, you may apply via the Yale-NUS member screen on the Common Application instead. Students who would like to be considered in Round 3 can apply directly to Yale-NUS using the Common Application and the Yale-NUS member screen or the web-based Yale-NUS application form. For more information on using your Yale application to apply to Yale-NUS, please click here

Do I need to submit additional score reports to Yale-NUS?

Yes. Even if you are sharing your Yale application with Yale-NUS, you need to send Yale-NUS separate score reports for each test you would like to submit. Our school codes for the SAT, ACT and TOEFL can be found here

If I share my Yale application with Yale-NUS College, will my entire application be shared with Yale-NUS College or do I still have to send any documents to Yale-NUS?

If you select the checkbox on the Yale member screen agreeing to share your Yale application with Yale-NUS, all materials that you submit to Yale through the Common Application Online (Common Application with Yale-specific questions, School Report, Mid-Year report, etc.) will be shared automatically with Yale-NUS College. Materials that you send directly to Yale (e.g. official SAT/ACT/TOEFL score reports, late teacher recommendations) will not be forwarded automatically to Yale-NUS, and you will still have to send a separate copy of those to Yale-NUS.

What is the application timeline at Yale-NUS?

In the upcoming cycle of admissions, Yale-NUS College will consider applications in three separate rounds beginning in the fall of 2013 and ending in the spring of 2014. For more information, please visit the Yale-NUS Application Deadlines website. 

How do I submit late documents to Yale-NUS?

Late documents should be submitted directly to the Yale-NUS admissions office. You can log in to your status page and upload an electronic version of your documents. For additional information, email the Yale-NUS admissions office at

What happens after I share my Yale application with Yale-NUS?

A few days after submitting your shared Yale application, you will receive an email from the Yale-NUS admissions office. This email will ask you to complete an (optional) additional short question specific to Yale-NUS College. You are encouraged to complete this additional short question; however, not doing so will not adversely affect your application. 

The Yale-NUS email will also contain information on how to access your application status page on the Yale-NUS website. The application status page will allow you to track your application, receive important updates, and submit documents.

Is there an application fee for Yale-NUS College?

No additional application fee will be necessary for consideration by Yale-NUS if your application is shared through the use of the checkbox on the Yale application. If you choose not to share your application at this time and decide to apply to Yale-NUS after submitting your Yale application, you can do so by applying directly to Yale-NUS through its own online application or the Common Application. For these applications, there will be an application fee of $8.

If I’m applying to Yale Single-Choice Early Action, may I still apply to Yale-NUS College?

Yes. Students applying to Yale Single-Choice Early Action may also apply to Yale-NUS at the same time, as the new college is outside of the United States.

Will sharing my Yale application with Yale-NUS affect my admissions decision at Yale?

Sharing your application with Yale-NUS will not affect your admissions decision at Yale in any way. Each institution has a separate admissions office and will make a completely independent review of your application. Each will provide you with a separate admissions decision, and if you are admitted to both institutions, you will have the freedom to choose either one.

I’m applying to Yale and I’m also interested in Yale-NUS College. How do I share my application?

As Yale and Yale-NUS are so closely linked, students may request that the same application be considered at both institutions. If you are interested in the possibility of attending this new college and would like your Yale application to be considered as well by Yale-NUS’ admissions office, please indicate so by checking the “Please share my Yale application with Yale-NUS College” box on the Yale member screen within the Common Application.

If I share my Yale application, will I need to complete the Yale-NUS member screen?

No. The Common Application and Yale-specific questions constitute a completed application to Yale-NUS College.

Does Yale-NUS give preference to applicants who use the Yale-NUS application?

Yale-NUS does not give preference to one type of application over another. Each type of application is given equal weight. We recommend, however, that students choose the application method that makes the most sense given their other college application choices. Please read more on the Yale-NUS website.

If I share my Yale application with Yale-NUS, how will you consider responses to questions that are specific to Yale?

The admissions committee at Yale-NUS will take into account that your application was originally intended for the holistic evaluation process at Yale College. Because Yale’s liberal arts tradition has shaped the academic culture at Yale-NUS, the admissions committee at Yale-NUS will be looking for many of the same qualities in your application and teacher recommendations. No specific mention of Yale-NUS is necessary, even if the major indicated on your Yale supplement is not offered at Yale-NUS.

I had an on-campus interview at Yale. Will that report be included in my Yale-NUS application? If I have an alumni interview as part of my application to Yale, will the alumnus be interviewing me for both colleges?

No. The Yale-NUS admissions office conducts its own interviews with shortlisted applicants and will contact applicants to schedule that conversation. All Yale interviews will be specific to the Yale College application, and neither on-campus nor alumni interviewers will be notified that you have shared your application with Yale-NUS.