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Bulldog Days: when I realized that Yale was no longer just an option – it was my choice.

Welcome Home

Dear Class of 2018,

Why financial aid is scary…and wonderful.

$58,600. That’s the total cost of attendance for Yale University. When I was in high school, this number terrified me. Having watched helplessly as my family struggled to put me through school, I could not imagine adding the tremendous burden of college to my single mother’s Atlas shoulders. Receiving my financial aid letter was equally as important as my acceptance letter. It was the moment when I realized that I was truly going to college. If your parents make less than $65,000 a year, then their parental contribution to Yale tuition is $0. Nothing.

The Road Less Traveled By...

My journey to Yale was not exactly a conventional one. No one from my high school had been to the US before, let alone to a school like Yale. I couldn’t help but feel unprepared. My school didn’t have a guidance counselor. Many of my classmates thought I was insane. They didn’t understand why I was spending so much time doing something different, when there was an easy path right in front of me.

Yale's Southern Hospitality

It’s a long drive from Lexington, KY, to New Haven, CT. 786 miles, to be exact. On the surface, New Haven doesn’t have much in common with my hometown. No Kentucky Wildcats fan gear everywhere you turn, no country music blaring in stores, no sweet tea on every menu, and not a horse farm in sight. I love my hometown. But I’ve also found a new home here.

Yale's Southern Hospitality

In Retrospect...

Looking back at this time last year, I can’t help but wonder what I was thinking. I had successfully shrunk my number of college applications to a short list… but Yale wasn’t on it.

TOBIAS In Restrospect

Finding that Perfect College Fit

I hadn’t even dreamt of the possibility of attending a school like Yale before my junior year in high school.  Even then, applying was just a possibility that I began to consider.  As a Canadian student, I didn’t know much about American colleges except for what featured in popular culture references like Gossip Girl and Legally Blonde. Diving into the college search process was both intimidating and exciting.  After research that included hours immersed in Yale's online resources, I finally visited Yale on a humid day the summer before my senior year of high school.&nbs

Those Bright College Years

Graduation from Yale can only be described as bittersweet. After years of hard work, residential college traditions, late-night runs to G-Heav, extracurricular commitments, and general growing pains, it's both exciting and saddening to leave our gorgeous campus. After taking a year-long leave of absence to sing and travel with the Whiffenpoofs, I graduated a semester early and currently find myself working in Manhattan. The Big Apple is fast-paced, exciting, everything I thought it would be and more! That said, my deep appreciation for the undergraduate experience at Yale has only further grown now that I'm out in the “real world”. 

My beautiful home while at Yale, Timothy Dwight College

My beautiful home while at Yale, Timothy Dwight College

Repost: Deferred but not Defeated

This is a repost of a blog that I wrote last year addressing deferrals.  Worth a read if you find yourself in a limbo of sorts following the Early Action cycle, and feel free to comment with any further thoughts or questions! 

While I can’t exactly parlo Italiano and I’m not a Literature major, I’m a devoted Dante-phile at heart, and I think there’s a little bit of “Divine Comedy” in everything. 

Holiday slump, holiday sparkle

The three weeks between Thanksgiving and Christmas are simultaneously my favorite and least favorite weeks of the year. On one hand, they’re the most beautiful weeks at Yale—there’s usually snow, the decorations are beautiful, and there are so many fun events going on. On the other hand, exams and papers are looming ahead.

I also remember these three weeks in senior year being stressful. At my high school, homecoming was the week before Christmas break. I was juggling to balance Spirit Week planning (hey, figuring out costumes is serious work) with my college applications and a pile of homework that never seemed to decrease. In that spirit, here are two tips to manage the stress and the holiday cheer.