Blog Archive: July 2011

Livin' La Vida Quiteño - Quito Part II

I've been here in Quito for the past three and a half weeks. But today, for the first time, I finally felt like a Quiteño, a native of this city.

The Half-Blood Princess

Like many of you out there, I eagerly await the release of the last Harry Potter movie this upcoming week.  The replica wand I purchased at Harry Potter World in Orlando sits in its box, ready to be brandished at the midnight premiere, as do my handmade (clothes hanger and electrical tape) Potter glasses.  But whereas this might represent the end of an era for some, my career in magic has at least three more years coming.  You see, at Hogwarts.. errr, Yale... I will be majoring in potions... I mean Chemistry.  

Bluebooking in July: Why I Can't Resist

There are few things as exciting as when Yale OCI (the online version of the Blue Book, Yale's catalog of its courses) goes live.

Touching the Sky – Quito Part I

As the world transforms into a cloud-computing world, humanity has grown increasingly more digitized, more captivated by technology, and more enamored by the beauty of the instantaneous. Don’t get me wrong: I am just as infatuated as any other nineteen-year-old college student. But what if none of it ever existed? What if you could stop sending every digitized piece of your life into the cloud? What if you could touch the clouds?

I've always had a fascination with defying gravity.

Getting into the Swing of Summer

One of the great things about spending this summer in New Haven has been having the opportunity to explore campus life without the guilt of impending academic deadlines. One thing I wish I had made time for last semester is swing dancing, which has been a hobby of mine since I learned the Carolina Shag in middle school. (I was a staff member at a social dance and etiquette institute back home in Georgia, but that’s a story for another day.) Also, apologies for the really corny pun in the title; it’s pretty bad, I know.

Summer Vittles: A Taste of Independence

It’s summertime in New Haven, and those of us who are enrolled in Yale Summer Session have just wrapped up our first round of summer courses. While my main reason for spending this summer in New Haven is to knock out the last few prerequisites for my major, I’ve also made it my mission to explore the city’s cuisine.