Application Deadlines

The online submission or postmark deadlines for Freshman Admission are:

Single-Choice Early Action:     November 1

Regular Decision:                   January 1

These are strict deadlines for submitting the Common Application and Yale-Specific Questions. You must submit all documents - along with the application fee or fee waiver request - no later than these dates. If you are submitting any application materials in paper form, they must be postmarked by the above dates.

Recommendations from Teachers and Counselors

We encourage teachers and counselors to submit the required forms to us by the postmark deadlines above whenever possible. We understand that it may not be possible in some cases for teachers and counselors to meet these deadlines, and we will make reasonable allowances. This will not negatively impact your chance of admission.

Decision Notification

Admissions decisions for Single-Choice Early Action candidates will be available online in mid-December. Decisions for Regular Decision candidates will be posted online by April 1. Both Early Action and Regular Decision applicants have until May 1 to accept an offer of admission.

The last possible test dates for Freshman Admission are:

  Single-Choice Early Action Regular Decision
 for SAT November January
 for ACT* October February
 for TOEFL November 5 January

*Please note: we cannot guarantee that February ACT results will arrive in time for consideration. To increase the likelihood of a timely report, take the test in December or earlier, and list Yale as a score recipient when you register for the test.

Recommended submission dates for applications for Financial Aid:

  Single-Choice Early Action Regular Decision
Financial Aid Application November 1 March 1

There is no strict deadline to apply for aid, but we strongly recommend submitting these documents by November 1st for Single-Choice Early Action, or March 1st for Regular Decision. This will help ensure that, if admitted, you will receive a financial aid award letter at the same time as your offer of admission. View a list of all required financial aid forms.



Gorgeous fall colors surround this clock which hangs over an archway leading to the Yale University Art Gallery.

Photograph by Michael Marsland/Yale University